Pre-owned & Classroom machines

Modern Domestic takes pride in our classroom machine program and pre-owned machine availability. Please check to see what we have available for pre-owned and classroom machines. All of our classroom machine sales occur twice a year and come with a new machine warranty. Pre-owned machines are also often available, feel free to inquire about what is in stock!


Modern Domestic take trade-ins of all brands and all models. Please give us a call or email regarding what machine you have and what you are ready to upgrade to and one of our trade in specialists can work with you to find the best way to get you into a new BERNINA.  We also have a “trade-up” policy. If you purchase a BERNINA from us within the last three months and decide you really need those extra enticing features of the next model up, no worries, you will get the full value of your original machine to put towards the new one.

0% Financing

Sew now, pay later! 0% financing is always available. Ask about financing events for long-term 0% financing. Get approved today!