Zippered Pouches for All! and a Giveaway

At Bolt on Sunday, I was overwhelmed by the awesomeness of their fabrics. Some of these are so wonderful (and while I could buy fabric just about every day) but these days I try to buy fabrics only when I need them.  Need…want…need…want. It can be a fine line. I realized my zippered pouch class samples could definitely use a sprucing up and thus I NEEDED to buy fabric! I could not be happier with how they turned out. The only reason I’m okay leaving them at the store is because I still get to see them while I’m working. And I get to share them with everyone who walks in.

Bikes! And a tiny bird. So it's okay...right?
I love denim!

Want to have an excuse to buy fabric and make your own zippered pouch? Join me for another session of Learn to Sew: Zippered Pouch, Sunday August 7th at 5:00 pm! I’ve heard they’re addictive so be prepared to fall in love with zippers and fabric combos. As you can see I make them in 3’s. I like nesting them together.

Rock the foxes!

Can’t join me for class? Well then, how about a giveaway. Leave a comment about what you’d use the bag for and be entered to win one of my former class samples! Bag comes filled with notion goodies. More awesomeness.

Hooray pouches!

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  1. Jen S

    The new samples are great! The Avalon bike fabric is one of my favorites, but I haven’t seen the foxes…so cute! I need a pouch for my serger tools…they’re still in the paper bag you gave me when I bought them! Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. Devon

    I’d like to say I would use the zipper bag for something for me, maybe to stash some some candy in my sewing area to snack on, but truthfully it would probably be claimed in about 60 seconds by one of my two daughters to hold their little treasures. Since I am a pushover I would probably let them!

  3. christina

    Oh those are so adorable! I knit and sew and can never have too many awesome bags to hold projects, scraps, tools, etc!

    I am in love with that fox material – so adorable!!

  4. mims

    i can see why you couldn’t resist the fabric! and if i was lucky enough to win one of the old samples, i’d probably use it to organize some of my sewing notions, because right now they are scattered everywhere. of course, i’d have to keep my toddler from stealing it– she LOVES all bags.

  5. Hollie

    I’ve been wanting a zippered bag for quite some time, but am frugal with money these days.

    It would streamline my life and I would quit using plastic bags from the grocery store because I’ve been throwing my makeup and other toiletries into a plastic bag to go visit my boyfriend who lives 1h15m away from me. I would freaking be entirely grateful for one.

  6. Lauren

    I loved these when I saw them at MD! I admire them so much because I have the hardest time making zipper bags! My 1 1/2 year wants everything I have in my hands so I would fill them with things to keep her busy so I could sew and when it’s empty it would end up as a hat on her head!!:) She’s funny like that!!

  7. Anne

    I love (LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE) the pouches!! I would use one to hold spools of thread, mini scissors and a pin cushion so I can have all of my hand sewing materials ready for on-the-go!!

  8. liz

    my 6-year-old would love to help me make these. For her, of course. I love the new samples — can’t wait to make some!

  9. Rebecca

    I can’t make the class because I will be in Italy with my husband and 3 daughters! If the class were before my trip, I’d spend the day at MD making pouches to organize all the various and sundries we’ll be packing for our trip.

  10. rebekka cole

    i love zippered pouches!!! i would use one for holding my crafting/jewelry making supplies…or for school..or for toiletries…or for my heart 🙂

  11. jaime

    This would be so cute to pack up and take to sewing groups! It would be even better to win in time to take it to the Denyse Schmidt workshop at PNCA this month!

  12. autumn

    omigosh – those do look great! i can’t take the class right now, though i actually envision all my knitting bits and pieces fitting nicely inside 🙂

  13. Corrinna

    As it’s well known, I loved this class so much I made eight of them for all the ladies in my family for Easter! The first one I made in class is used for my ever growing collection of thread and tools (my beloved seam ripper must be close at hand at all times!) and travels with me to all my MD classes and sew-cials. My Grandmother has hers promently displayed in her assisted living apartment and shows it to all the residents, where as my cousin uses it each day in her handbag to stash her lip-gloss and mascara. My sister and Aunt use theirs for travel filling it up with their necklaces, earrinngs and bangles to keep their stylie looks going on the road. My other cousin loves hers so much she’s afraid to use it and lovingly caresses the fabric while my best friend uses hers to carry bits and bobs to and from work each day. Now with your cute new samples I’m thinking I need to make another eight and give them away as presents again! Thanks for a great class that has unlimited creative potential!

  14. Sue

    Love the little pouch in cute fabrics. Lots of uses for them also…

  15. Ashley

    Love the new samples. I recently bought some denim, too. Mine will be made into a reversible table cloth with red & white gingham on the other side. I would use one of your adorable pouches for my nail polish collection which has outgrown it’s current (and not as cute) bag.

  16. Taunia

    I need a new pouch for my knitting notions. Love the foxes!

  17. Rayna

    Oh my god! What COULDN’T I use this bag for? Perfect for small take-along knitting projects, travel toiletries for the kiddos, pencils or crayons, jewelry….adorable!

  18. Angelika Steinberg

    Feet! I am imagining lots of feet in those adorable pouches (or hoping they’re filled with feet). I could easily remove the feet, shelve them, and tuck little notions like pattern weights, a seam ripper, a button hole cutter, a rotary cutter, and my 6×1 ruler inside.

  19. Daniela

    I love the addition of the loops for hanging or holding on to! You’ve inspired me to make more, more, more! I like making them for softball teammates to hold onto keys and cell phones that would otherwise get lost in giant softball bags (and smell of dirty socks and leather gloves–ick).

  20. Daniela

    I’d love to win one. And make some too. I’d use them for pencils, pens, thread, buttons, everything – you name it. A D O R A B L E. and so foxy!

  21. Anna Paris

    I love these zippered bags and want to take the class so badly. I too have an addiction to fabric and have a big pile that I need to use up. In the meantime, I’d love to have one of yours as inspiration to learn how to make one of my own. What I’d keep in the bag…? Probably all my treasures/art tools that are just mine. That way smaller people in my home wouldn’t take them for their own. I want a place to hide my own special markers, pens, etc, so that they are just for me! 🙂

  22. megan

    I would totally use things bags to organize. Looking for a cable? It’s in the zippered bag. Want a highlighter? In the little bag. Need a plastic knife? In the bag.

    It would be awesome! So cute!

  23. amy

    i’d put energy bars in it for the car so i stop pulling through the drive thrus!

  24. MaryLou Corrigan

    I’d fill the bag with all the little notions I need when I sit down to hand sew (needle threader, extra thread, pin cushion with some pins, extra bias tape), and some handspun wool for embellishment!

  25. jen downer

    oh i was so hoping my daughter would make one of these for me in her kids sewing class!!! :o)
    if one of these beauties were mine I would likely make and on the go guerrilla arts and craft pack to throw in my bag. My family is on a mission to spread little bits of artsy sunshine around the city as part of our summer list, and putting together a kit so we’re ready at any opportune moment is such a great idea! oh i hope i win one of them!!!
    enjoy this beautiful day!

  26. Liane Gill

    The new samples are great! This looks like a fun class to practice with zippers and have make something really useful. I would use the pouch to store quilting supplies when I travel. Thanks!

  27. Shannon

    Dang Bolt is so cool. It’s worth making a trip to Portland! I’d use these for a small first aid kit in the car!

  28. Haley

    Love the little loops! I want to know how you did the horizontal one, I guess I should get down to MD and sew up some more pouches for myself. Looks super cute all around, but might I suggest pom-poms?

  29. michelle

    I will happily show you my trick for inserting the horizontal handle. Would love to see you–it’s been awhile. I am, however, going to pass on the pom-poms 🙂

  30. Henria O.

    I really love the denim one! I think I’d use the bag to hold my stash of loose buttons! A couple of iron on patches might be thrown in there as well!

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