Win a spot in MD’s new embroidery class!

You may have seen my little love-fest a bit back on our blog about machine embroidery. My love has not diminished! I just recently got a mention on the Apartment Therapy’s blog re-nest for that very first exploration. It’s so true, clean well-thoughtout design is timeless. I’ve been plotting (and playing) and discovering new ways to create and display modern, exciting machine embroidery. Searching out fresh designs that would not be out of place in our home or in our lives. I’ve gotten a lot of these designs from Urban Threads and Meringue Designs.

Kitchen's best helper--dishtowels

And now we’re ready to get you excited about it too! Two new machine embroidery classes have been added to our Fall class selection. One, Intro to Machine Embroidery, will be a project based class where we’ll produce a one-of-a-kind reversible cover for your most prized possession–your sewing machine! Choose a phrase, image, or both that will greet you every time you sit down to work.

The second, Embroidery DIY: Open Studio, will be a little more “choose your own adventure.” The machines and modules will be here, along with a selection of thread and designs, for you to complete the project of your choice. Need quilt labels? Unique baby and housewarming gifts? Bring your ideas and something to embroider on and we’ll be here to help. Wanna win a spot in my September 14th session of Embroidery DIY? Leave a comment letting me know what your embroidery project would be and I’ll use random number generator to select a sewist to join me for class. Sounds fun!

34 Responses to “Win a spot in MD’s new embroidery class!”

  1. Jen S

    I really lime the sewing machine cover! I need a cover for my serger….maybe this is it? Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Laura R

    I’m working on some onesies for a coworker, and would love to include some with embroidered bicycles – so that would have to be my project!

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  4. Lee H

    I love the idea of making an embroidered cover for my mother’s machine. After 40 years I think the machine deserves something. Fall is perfect crating weather.

  5. Taunia

    I love those designs!! And would love to make a sewing machine cover like that one!

  6. Michelle

    I wanna come play! Those are awesome! You are awesome! Fun!!!

  7. Robin

    Thanks for the giveaway! Not sure what I’d end up making, but love the idea of a pillow or labels for quilts. Or maybe a bag? Or a skirt? The possibilities are endless. 🙂

  8. Catherine Fowler

    love the tea towel. perfect.

  9. Lupine Marshak

    I want to design an antique canning jar graphic and embroider it on kitchen/tea towels.

  10. elsa

    what would I make? gosh, what wouldn’t I make ~ love the embroidery on all the projects!
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  11. Summer

    I am an avid sewer & I embroider (by hand) a lot but I’ve never had the opportunity to learn machine embroidery. I would love that opportunity!

  12. Summer

    I would make a sewing machine cover…with robots on it!

  13. Corrinna

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

    Yay! You guys digitized the image I pinned on Pinterest, ‘Hello, lover”! That’s what I’d embroider, and make it into a sewing machine cover so I could say it to my machine every time I sat down to sew.

  14. Kailla Platt

    I have plain, white cafe curtains in my kitchen and I would love, love to put some text graphic combo along the hem. Thanks for the great inspiration!

  15. lupine

    I did it for you, lady!

  16. autumn

    i still think the scissors are great!!! i personally would – of course!! – embroider on a cute skirt for my baby girl!!

  17. Devon

    I also really need a serger cover, my cheap plastic tent it came with is almost too unbearable to look at, so I would definately make a new one, probably with something steampunky or sewing themed from Urban Threads.

  18. jaime

    OMG! I want to do embroidery now! You make it look so good.

  19. Jamie Gatlin

    I’m just getting started into embroidery/appliqué. I got my machine just this year but I’m having so much fun. Please enter my name into your drawing. Thanks

  20. Judy Lunsford

    Love to get together with other embroiders for inspiration. Need a cover for my new machine and love Urban Thread style of designs. And the class is on my birthday!

  21. Tammy Flannigan

    I would love to meet you all and learn more about my new hobby

  22. Jennifer Hale

    I can’t believe I don’t have a machine cover after all these years! I need to make one I guess.

  23. Amy

    can’t wait for this class!!!

  24. Sandy Bartu

    Lookin’ forward to it. The samples are very cool!!

  25. Nicole Morgenthau

    I would embroider a new baby blanket for the new baby we’ll be meeting in February.

  26. Melissa f.

    I want a slogan on the back of all my shirts.

  27. Doris Fox

    I saw the samples in the store and they are truly gorgeous! I would like to embroider some kitchen towels for my daughter as a housewarming gift.

  28. Sarah :: greenclogs

    I just got my embroidery module repaired so it finally works! I want to learn how to monogram with it, but those Urban Threads designs are gorgeous. Maybe I’ll start there. I’d love to win a spot in the class!

  29. Jill Collins

    Ok, I have no idea what I would embroider, I just know that I NEED to embroider something. I NEED to after touching all the cool samples you have at the shop…

  30. melissa

    I have always wanted to embroider things! I love the idea of making a sewing machine cover with some words of inspiration! And baby things for my little boy!

  31. elsa

    I do hand embroidery and I’ve been interested in machine embroidery (it always looks kind of cheesy to me) never knew it could look so wonderful! I’d love to win and make anything!

  32. Cathy

    I would like to make a sewing machine cover.

  33. Lisa P

    A serger cover would be fab! Love your samples Mere!

  34. Jane S

    I LOVE machine embroidery and am always interested in new ideas and ways to make a gift especially personal through embroidery. I’d love to come to your studio and learn from you as well as share some of the things I’ve learned along the way. Thanks for the opportunity…

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