What is Intermediate anyway?

Like many sewing establishments, we list our classes by skill level. But how do you define skill in this wide world of sewing? I have been sewing for 15 years and am probably a solid intermediate sewist with guts. Here are my thoughts, on what it takes to fall into one of these categories, and take some of the amazingly beautiful “intermediate” sewing classes at Modern Domestic.

Colette Crepe Wrap Dress class is coming up at MD!

If you are ready for a dress like this Colette Crepe wrap dress, you have probably made some stuff. This dress has no closures, and a fairly forgiving wrap fit, but it is going to require working with a commercial pattern, figuring out your fit, and some lovely finishing details, like accurate stitching and facings/linings and that sort of thing. If you have no idea what any of these sewing terms are, you are a beginner, so look here for perfect classes to get started. If you have tried one or more of these skills, successfully or not (say you have made a blouse, with only semi-successful results) you are totally on track for this class!

Turn a tired old sweater into something SO much more!

Other awesome intermediate garment construction classes we have coming up are:

  • Sweater Revival. With the chance to use the serger, work with knits, add details, and adjust fit, this is a great class for those looking to broaden their skills and re-use something you already have!
  • Cinnamon Slip. Another Colette pattern (we love them, can you tell) with a focus on difficult fabrics, working on the bias, and perfect for a little valentines day self indulgent love.
  • Intro to Couture Sewing. A chance to really improve your finishing skills. You will make a delicate wrap blouse, and learn french seams and detailed hand work skills.
  • Vintage Vixen. Maybe the most fun front zip dress you have ever seen. This little number is sure to be a wardrobe staple and favorite for years to come.
Work with delicate fabrics and learn to finish garments with perfection in Intro to Couture Sewing.

We continue to change and add to this list, so we hope something strikes your sewing fancy! I personally want to take all of these classes. While I am confident that I could make these projects on my own, the other special things about sewing classes are that I get to sew with others, which always helps me learn more, get great tips from the teacher, and most importantly, classes get me actually sewing. Which sometimes is the most difficult part!

Plus, all of our classes provide so many tools for the project, zipper feet, walking feet, sergers, all that dreamy stuff that takes years to acquire. And with these classes, and all others, you get time outside of class to work on and finish your project at no additional fee!

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