We heart color!

Like a crayon box!

Color is one of my favorite things.  When I was a kid I loved getting a new crayon box with all of the colors lined up perfectly.  Shades, hues, tints, complementary or contrasting–I love playing around.  Recently I’ve found myself inspired by all the awesome serger thread colors we have in stock–Bright Fuschia, Seafoam, Papaya, Orchid, Red Currant.  With 40 colors here, you’re bound to find the perfect shade for your project.  I totally want to use them as a decorative, contrast detail on my next knit project.

In addition to our stock of Maxi-Lock serger thread, we recently got a shipment of Maxi-Lock’s new STRETCH serger thread.  It’s a textured nylon–lofty yet soft to the touch.  This thread is perfect for knitted and stretchy fabrics or anything that’s close to the skin like lingerie or undergarments.  We’ve got it in over 20 glorious colors so the next time you’re in to serge, why not use the STRETCH on our Baby Lock Imagine or Bernina 1150MDA.  It’s such treat!

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  2. Sharon Caulkins

    Can one purchase Maxi lock stretch thread on line from your store.
    I am located in Coffeyville, Ks. and was checking availability and price.

  3. michelle

    At this point, we only sell classes and events online. Are you unable to find any locally?

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