Vintage BERNINA Rally: RECAP

Last month we had the pleasure of hosting the first Vintage BERNINA Rally. Our classroom was full of well-loved machines and vintage quilts. It was an afternoon we will not soon forget! Thanks to everyone who brought your BERNINA to show off and those who came to enjoy the afternoon with us.

Throughout the day our technician, Travis, gave a Tech Talk. He shared tips and tricks to care for your machine at home on a daily basis.Bernina Rally MD 2015_tech_talk

Tech Talk Takeaway:

Our favorite tip Travis shared in his Tech Talk was TNT: Thread, Needle, Tension. TNT is the best place to start if you are having any troubles with your machine.

Always check you are using quality thread that is appropriate for your project.

Replace your needle about every eight hours of sewing. Even the smallest broken tip or bend to a needle can create a variety of issues – from thread breakage, to inconsistent stitches and possible damage to your stitch plate and presser foot. The more frequently you replace your needle, the more successful your sewing will be.

Tension is tricky and can differ based on your thread and fabric. Always make sure to thread your machine with the presser foot up to ensure the tension discs are open and the thread can get properly seated. Adjust as needed.

Rally BillBernina Rally MD 2015_2

Bill Volkening shared details and stories of his mid-century quilt collection. His selection of vintage quilts were on display in our classroom gallery. Learn more about this unique selection of quilts here.

Rally Machines 1

We had a selection of more than 15 vintage BERNINA sewing machines dating back as early as the 1940’s. It’s amazing to see the different machines and how they have changed, and stayed the same, throughout all these years. We love BERNINA!

Swiss National Day is August 1, learn more about how to take home a new BERNINA!

Photos by Kim Manchester. For more photos and information about Kim, check out her website.

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