Discover what all those perfectly useful buttons do!

Getting a great value does not always mean getting the least expensive. But you already knew that. When we started the store, we had two lines of machines, BERNINA and Janome. We liked them both, but discovered that for a variety of reasons, we would go for a full dealership with BERNINA. One of the main reasons is the value of the machine made by BERNINA is the greatest in the world. BERNINA machines are made in Swiss factories, both in Switzerland and Thailand. They put so much perfection into the manufacturing process, care into the interface on the computerized machines, and they value the education that is provided by dealers to the consumers!

As a company, BERNINA supports their local dealers by not selling machines directly to consumers and not selling machines online and in chain stores. BERNINA continues to use this more unusual model so that customers come into the shops where people sew, meet them, see where the best place to learn is and develop a relationship with the people that will help them sew.

My first BERNINA was purchased in Eugene, at (now gone) 27th Street Fabrics. I give so much credit to Millie, Sylvia, and all the other people that I learned from through the years. They taught me how to sew certainly, but I also learned the value of support from a community of people that were there to care for my machine, answer questions, provide me with knowledge about tools and had loads of knowledge about my machine. When I bought my first BERNINA, 15 years ago, I took Machine Owner classes and Serger classes and learned what the functions of the machine were, how to care for and clean it, what the proper needles and thread were, and how to use it to its fullest! It made me such a better sewist. Imagine a life of sewing without intimidation or fear of buttonholes?

Bringing home a new machine can be intimidating, but not after a MyBERNINA class!

We teach the same classes here, and they are free when you buy your machine from us. You can take them over and over again through the years for no additional charge. Maybe you buy a machine because you think you want to quilt. And you do–for a few years. Then you find yourself drawn towards garment construction, and can’t remember how to use your overlock foot, or sew a buttonhole. You can take the class again. Free.

When you know how to use your machine, you are happy. Your work is better, and your tool works for you! We hope we see you in a MyBERNINA, MyBernette, or Serger Basic class this winter! You will learn how to wind a bobbin, thread your machine, and SO much more!

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