Tools for Sergery

There are a few supplies or tools I always keep right by my serger. I like having these accessible while I’m sitting prepping for work. Having just taught another session of Serger Basic Vol. 1, I showed a whole new group of students how helpful these tools can be. They’re all really quite small, and mostly inexpensive, but pack a big punch. My top 5 list!

1. Lint Brush with Needle Inserter

This little guy has a hole on the end.  By slipping the needle here, it eliminates having to squeeze your fingers in that TEENY TINY obstructed opening around the needle area. You also more likely to get insert it correctly. I did not start using this until 6 months ago. Changed my life, I kid you not.

2. Precision Tweezers

Your serger likely came with one. A puny one. Just like with the seam rippers included in every machine purchase, sometimes there are better options. I like this one because of the rubber coated handle (great for gripping!) and the angled tip can get in those hard to reach places easier.

3. Threaders, both for the needle and looper

Some contemporary machines come with needle threaders or looper levers for easier threading.  For those out of luck, there are threaders! The real feature on the needle threader is its long reach.

And the looper threader solves the standing-on-the-head maneuver required to thread the lower looper. As seen here:

4. Sharp pair of snips

I’m of the belief you can never have too many snips. I like to have them at every “station” in my work room–sewing machine, serger, ironing board, cutting table. Because I used to walk off with them and then leave my pair somewhere other than where I needed them. I also think it’s easier to thread the needles and loopers with a nice fresh point.  Plus, there’s changing thread colors and clipping tails.

5. Surgical Seam Ripper

Let’s be honest, not every seam is perfection. And ripping out these thread-intense serged seams takes forever with a traditional seam ripper.  The scalpel shaped blade and long handle allow you to quickly glide through those stitches and get you back on track faster.

Are there any other tools you like having ready to use when you serge?

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