Tied Around Your Finger

It’s always nice to make an easy and stress-free gift while learning a few new sewing skills! In the Ties for Tying class on Saturday, Feburary 5th at 1:00 PM, you can learn a project that will be helpful to have on hand for the stylish men and women in your life.

Embroidering a few sweet hearts on the tie keep turned this tie into a sweet Valentine’s Day gift, and only the person you give it to will know it’s there!

If you’re interested in taking the class, and would like to embroider a message on your tie keep, I’ll email you the tie keep pattern with the embroidery placement before the class. Having the embroidery done beforehand will let you focus on learning to sew with fabric that is cut on the bias, stopping your machine needle exactly on each of the tie’s points, and using easy hand stitches to sew it closed.

There are so many fun fabrics at Bolt that would make amazing and fun ties- it’ll be hard to make just one!

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