The tiniest hem made easy

Hemmer feet are remarkable little inventions. If you’ve ever tried to take the time pressing and turning a hem as small as 1/8″, these feet will be a revelation.

BERNINA makes 7 different hemmer feet–#61, #62, #63, #64, #66, #68, & #69. Each is a specific finished desired hem and for straight or zig-zag/decorative stitching. For example, #64 allows for a finished hem of 4mm and has a straight stitch opening. The size of the channel on the sole ranges from 2mm to 6mm.

The Roll and Shell Hemmer Feet, #68 & #69, can create a slightly 3 dimensional “scalloped” hem when used with the Vari-Overlock Stitch (stitch #3 on most machines).

from the BERNINA website

The video on the BERNINA website recommends doing 3-4 straight stitches and not clipping the threads which gives the sewist something to hold while placing it correctly in the corkscrew of the foot. I tried doing this in combination with the Free Hand System on the 380 with mixed results. The first time, I didn’t get the raw edge under the first turn but then it picked up. I had better results the second time I worked with it but then didn’t quite get it again on the third try.


Instead, I tried what I had been taught – to finger press the turns of the first part of the hem and stitch.  After about 1″, with the needle down, raise the presser foot and work the hem through the corkscrew. This method was far more effective for me. It allows for a perfect start and continuation.

Be sure to hold the fabric all the way across the foot while you work. You don’t want to only do a single turn and miss part of your hem! This definitely takes some practice but imagine making the tiniest hems so easy and perfect.

All 7 hemmer feet are 25% in August! This is perfect for light summer skirts, sun dresses, or even join in Delicate Fabric Techniques: Taffy Blouse and get hands on experience with these miracle feet.

3 Responses to “The tiniest hem made easy”

  1. jaime

    My favorite hemmer foot is #63, it allows you to move around curved edges with ease. I have also found that a little best press gives lighter fabrics a little firmness, which helps with starting the hem. Great explanation!

  2. Stephanie

    This tutorial was the most helpful of those I found online about how to use this foot. Thank you! Like anything, practice makes perfect, especially getting it started (yes, stiffer fabrics are easier) and figuring out how much of the edge to hold over to the left and where to guide the right edge so that it is straight and even. I still haven’t mastered corners (as in making a hem around a square for a kerchief) they are too bulky.
    I have my great-grandmother’s Singer #66 machine with this kind of foot too. That machine is non-electric and I have to operate the foot pedal in addition to managing the fabric. Too much for me so far; a little easier on the electric Bernina.

  3. Jennifer in KS

    Thanks for this great tutorial. Your tip about pressing the first portion (i went ahead and used an iron to press) and then being sure to turn the fabric fully over the foot resulted in success on my first test strip!

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