The Sharper the Better

All the toolbox scissors have recently undergone a sharpening for your cutting pleasure.

We are so happy to have not only purchased our very own scissor sharpening equipment, but to have Tony here to create a perfect knife edge on your precious blades. Tony has sharpened scissors for as long as he has repaired sewing machines, over 40 years! That is a whole lot of scissors.

Pinking shear sharpening now available. How happy does this make you?

And if that news isn’t good enough, get this: he can also sharpen pinking sheers. Wahoo! I myself have a dull pair of Gingher pinking shears that are coming in for a sharpen this very week. Quality tools really can last many lifetimes, so grab your Granny’s Ginghers, your Auntie May’s super long tailor shears, and your Mother’s first 6″ Ginghers and drop them off at MD.

You can bring them anytime, the turn around is about a week, depending on the day you drop them. They will be returned to you with sharp blades, and a little MD love.

4 Responses to “The Sharper the Better”

  1. Amanda Perl

    Hurrah! I’ve had my Gingers since 1998 and never found someone I trusted to sharpen them. I’ll be in soon; what is the cost for a regular tune=up?

  2. lupine

    I know, it’s hard to part with something so precious like your machine or shears. I’m delighted to get my first pair (had since 1997) finally sharpened as well! Our prices are–$8 for 8″ shears, $6 for shorter, & $10 for pinking and tailor shears.

  3. Devon

    Awesome! I just got my Grandma’s old Wiss pinking shears out of a box since she passed away before I started sewing. I remember cutting paper (horror!) with those bad boys when I was still in single digits! I didn’t know they could be sharpened, but next time I am in town they will come in for a makeover!

  4. Amanda Perl

    Thank you! My scissors were ready the next day (though I couldn’t make it in) and they are perfect: no more catch, no more using a smaller and smaller area of the blades. And they came back in such elegant wrappings. What a lovely present!

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