The Right Tools for the Job

BERNINA offers a wide variety of specialty feet. It’s one of the many reasons we here at MD are so enamored with them. You may scoff but this is not over-indulgence. All these different feet are designed to aid your sewing, making it easier and less frustrating. Ever think about not painstakingly hand sewing on buttons for a button-front men’s shirt? The #18, Button Sew-On Foot, says it all. In a matter of minutes, an entire shirt front can be finished.

First and foremost, drop your feed dogs. BERNINA’s have a button on the right side, below the foot pedal plug-in.

Center the button under the foot, having the metal prong between the eyes of the button. There are little rubber feet that keep the button in place. Smart, eh? Choose the appropriate stitch selection. On the 380, it’s number 14. I usually test to ensure the needle will land in each hole, then let the machine work it’s magic.

There will be thread tails left. Take a hand sewing needle, bring them to the back and knot the thread tails together and clip. Don’t have a computerized BERNINA? You can still utilize the Button Sew-On Foot. You will still drop the feed dogs plus drop your stitch length to zero. You will want to test how wide your zigzag should be to land in the button eyes. Go about 6 or 7 rounds (or what looks secure and not too bulky) and still sew your tails to the back and knot together. This foot will also attach snaps, hooks, eyes, and even small flat items such as bows.

In honor of this marvelous tool, we are extending you a special offer. Purchase a BERNINA Button Sew-On Foot (or Buttonhole Foot, #3A or #3B) and receive a buttonhole cutter for FREE. Never worry about over-cutting buttonholes again. This chisel-like tool works with a small piece of wood to provide perfectly cut buttonholes. Limited to quantities on hand, cutter-wise, but we can happily special order Old or New Style Feet specifically for your BERNINA.

Want a chance to get to use these?  Colette‘s pattern, Negroni: A Men’s Shirt, has just gone up in our class calendar, Wednesday evenings in April. The Buttonhole and Button Sew-On Feet are just one of the many fun tools we’ll use to create this classic shirt.

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