The oh-so-awesome Bulky Overlock Foot

We all have presser feet that we wouldn’t sew without. While I have (what I consider) the perfect assortment of feet for my old-style-using 1008, I had to consider what to re-buy for my new shiny 580. The obvious–#10 Edgestitch, #35 Invisible Zipper, #50 Walking foot. But the first foot I purchased was the Bulky Overlock #12. (Well, technically it was #12C, hello 9mm stitch width!)

I love this foot for piping. The deep groove in the center perfectly nestles the cording. With a simple move of the needle position, a sewist could not only make their own piping, but create and join piping to another piece. Very similar to another foot I posted about–the #60 Double Cord Foot.

I think of this as a great home dec foot, but really both garment sewists and bag makers can get a lot of use from this foot. My good friend (and fabric designer) Erin McMorris commissioned me to sew up Amy Butler’s Weekender Bag last year. A healthy mix of laminated fabric, interfacing, and piping made this a bag heavy on details…and frustration. Or what I thought would be frustration until I busted out my walking foot and did some serious mileage with the #12. I swear, I would have never been able to complete this bag with relative ease without it.

You can see Erin here talking at Quilt Market with the bag on display. I think it turned out pretty good!

It’s called the Bulky Overlock Foot because you could also seam mid to bulky knits with it. The tunnel allows pressure relief, giving the knits somewhere to expand to. Recently when making a french terry bathrobe, I used this foot for some of the detail work that the serger couldn’t do. Again I thought, what would I do without you!

The Bulky Overlock Foot is June’s Special. Get 25% off of one of my favorite feet all month long!

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  1. autumn

    yayayayayaaaay! (so…..yeah. i wanted this foot!) i’m so there and ON it!

  2. MaryLou

    I love that blue bag…

  3. cynthia

    i have never heard of this foot! i’ve made this bag 4-5 times and you are right, it is difficult with all that blankety-blank piping! going to buy it now. for sure.

    ~cynthia (

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