The Dolman Top

Sewing projects at MD spread around the staff like wildfire. One minute we are all working on quilts, the next machine embroidery, and currently is seems to be knits. We are all crazy right now sewing (and teaching) knit patterns, from dresses to t-shirts, the Renfrew (love) and leggings: check out these classes.

We all have sergers we love and have had them for years, so most of the great excitement has to do of the recent availability of more great patterns with knits and beautiful knit fabric on the market. We have had recent scores at both Bolt and Josephine’s Dry Goods! And you can keep up with many of these projects on our Facebook page.

Last week, I posted a link to a wonderful tutorial over at Make it and Love it on how to make a Dolman style top. Well, later that day I ran home, raided my knit stash and came up with this new favorite shirt.

I love it. I love it because it is all things that are good about sewing with knits: It was EASY!! It is flattering, and it was quick! And wouldn’t you know, Michelle showed up in a lovely version of this just about a day or two later. Now I am just waiting to see Erica and Meredith’s.

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