The BERNINA Love Deepens

Recently I received a call at the shop from Mike Parish of BERNINA of America. He is the current acting President and when I realized that he was actual calling me, I nearly tipped over. When we spoke on the phone, he invited me to attend a dealer panel in Chicago over 2 days and share my experience with the BERNINA of America team and a group of 12 dealers. I was totally honored as well as curious about this event, and of course said yes.

We have been a full BERNINA Excellence dealer for only 6 months. And we are quite different from the traditional machine dealerships around the country as well as the quilt shops that also sell BERNINA machines. I was so glad that I would get to share the experiences of a new dealer, a “next generation” dealer, and a sewing studio.

The first day of the event began with coffee (thank goodness) and introductions, but then we got right to work on discussing the ins and outs of the dealer/BERNINA of America relationship. What amazed me most as we covered topics from the effectiveness of the marketing material to the availability of technical trainings, was the interest, insight, and passion of this company as they offered this opportunity to a group of dealers and truly listened to what we had to say.

Being new to this dealership game, we feel sometimes like there is so much to learn, and also so excited about everything regarding sewing and BERNINA that we can’t wait to learn it all right now! I have been at 3 BERNINA company events now: new dealer training, BERNINA University, and this dealer panel, all since March. They have all been exceptional. I have loved BERNINA sewing machines for 15 years, since my first super little BERNINA 130 came home with me. My respect and appreciation for this sewing machine company is truly unique. BERNINA is striving to be a company that truly acts as a partnership with dealers, creates the finest sewing machines in the world, and inspires sewists everyday.

As MD and our incredible staff here at the shop continues to make more friends: with other dealers and store owners around the country, BOA staff, and our wonderful customers, we feel deeply supported and inspired from every angle. You make it so rewarding to be at the shop every day, your projects, smiles, skills, ability to learn and sew and BERNINA makes it so much fun to share with you the very best product, education, and deepest passion for what we do at MD.

Thank you to our customers and readers for your business, support, and friendship, and for allowing us to help you discover that sewing with BERNINA is an absolute pleasure.

4 Responses to “The BERNINA Love Deepens”

  1. jaime

    What Modern Domestic is doing is truly wonderful! I am so excited that BOA is taking notice. I agree that they are passionate for their product and interested in dealer and customer feedback. It was so great to meet you and MD staff at BU and I look forward to an inspired Bernina future! Congrats on everything Lupine and MD, from your KC Bernina friend, Jaime David.

  2. Kailla Platt

    MD is one of the best things to happen in Portland – a place with a whole lot of great. Is is a beautiful and inviting space. It makes me so excited to become a better quilter, seamstress and all around sewist! You should be really proud of your shop.

  3. autumn

    i agree with both ladies! i think you offer a lot at MD, and i only hope more and more people begin to take advantage of your class offerings, etc. i love to hang out there for a few reasons – one of them oddly being the good lighting, another being that i get to see neat things other people are making…and lastly, i like that you let me ask you question after question about berninas and projects i’m working on 🙂

  4. Catherine Fowler

    I am not surprised they called you. They would probably be thrilled to see a studio and dealer like yours in every major market in the country. The feeling at your place is like a bright-sunny-day-with-cool-friends as opposed to the musty-basement-of-your-grouchy-aunt feeling of so many sewing machine stores. Sad but true and good for you! Happy Bernina 440 owner, Cathy 🙂

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