Tee for Two

This post is by Shelly Figueroa, one of the smarties behind Patterns by Figgy’s. She has been spending her summer sewing with kids and teens here at Modern Domestic, but she also teaches all ages classes as well as classes for adults. She has a few things right around the corner, so have a look at her upcoming classes and see if you can spend a little time sewing with her.

Tee for Two, dress version

Sally O’Malley is one of my hero’s because she has no fear. I know she’s just a character played by a terrific comedian (Molly Shannon) but she truly inspired me about 6 months ago. I was watching an old SNL and “Sally O’Malley” appeared and began talking about how she is 50 yrs old and can streeetch.

Tee for Two, raglan t-shirt version

Of course, I immediately thought about jersey knit fabric, I’m a seamster aren’t I! I had noticed there weren’t many patterns selling fun garments made with knit fabrics so with the help of my business partner we decided to make that happen. For our Fall line we designed two really cute and simple patterns using knit fabric. I don’t know a better way to please kids but to create something that looks cool and is super comfortable. I don’t know a better way to please a parent or seamster other than design a pattern that is quick & fun. Put them together and you have the “Tee for Two”.

Raglan version, contrast sleeves
Long-sleeved version

I love this pattern because it’s for girls/boys, big/small and can be worn all year long. The pattern includes Tee’s with long or short sleeves and a Tee dress with either sleeve or for the girly girl, fluttery sleeves. I know what you’re thinking; you like the idea but you’re nervous to take the leap and sew with knits.  I’ll tell you a secret….It’s Not Hard!  You don’t even need a serger!

Little girl style

Even better news:  I’m here for you.  I’m teaching a class coming up on August 14th at 1pm and I’d love to show you how to stretch with the best.  Also,  I was at Bolt this past week and saw that they have some awesome new knit fabrics. Not just solid color knits but knits with dots/stripes, flowers…go in and check them out!

One more thing:  If you’re looking to learn how to design your own big person shirt just for you then you should check out the real live Sally and her T-SHIRTS! class, plus all the other great knit classes offered at Modern Domestic. You will never hesitate to sew with knits again.

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