Teacher Profile: Amy Alan

We are so excited to introduce you to our amazing staff and teachers. Amy Alan started sewing when she was 6 or 7.  She began with cutting up pillowcases and switching around the skirts and bodices on her Aunt’s old prom dresses.  Through high school she really only sewed on patches and went fabric shopping … Continued

MD Sewist Spotlight: Amy Alan

Every other week, we profile one of our customers, teachers, or employees to learn more about their sewing life. This week, the MD Sewist Spotlight is on our beloved teacher Amy Alan. Amy is a never-ending source of in-depth sewing knowledge and resident wise-cracker. She teaches the excellent Flat Pattern 101 and Flat Pattern 102 classes … Continued

Making Patterns that Fit

Talking about making patterns scares a lot of people, and it shouldn’t. It’s fun and easy for anyone with basic math skills to do. Sure, you need to learn about things like body curves and remember to think in terms of fractions, but that gets easier once you start to play with patterns. In the … Continued

What is Intermediate anyway?

Like many sewing establishments, we list our classes by skill level. But how do you define skill in this wide world of sewing? I have been sewing for 15 years and am probably a solid intermediate sewist with guts. Here are my thoughts, on what it takes to fall into one of these categories, and … Continued

Mad Men style, made by you!

The first Mad Men class is wrapping up tonight and the dresses are adorable! Tonight’s session had students installing invisible zippers, hemming, and putting finishing touches on their garments. If you missed this class the first time around and are interested in taking it, you can sign up for the November session by clicking here.

Fast Turn

This post is from Amy Alan. Her love of all things sewing can be seen here, at her blog, as well as at Modern Domestic, where she is often available to help at the shop, teaches classes, and offers one-on-one private sewing. Amy is a joy to work with and learn from, her depth of … Continued