Swooning over Skinny laMinx

Today was like Christmas. When our mailman strolled in this morning carrying a weathered looking box, we excitedly shouted, “is it from South Africa?!?” When he said yes, we practically hugged him. Our Skinny laMinx arrived! We couldn’t open it quickly enough to reveal the most beautiful fabric from Heather Moore. You can see a sweet little video telling her tale here.

Heather designs and prints these coveted beauties in her little studio behind her shop in Cape Town. Her designs are simple, modern and unbelievably stunning. I am in love with every one of her color choices, from the cheery persimmon orange to the lovely lemon yellow. Thanks to Portlandia, we have generally steered clear of anything with a “bird on it”, but Heather’s Cloudbird line made us break our moratorium – happily!

MD is proud to be the only supplier of Skinny laMinx yardage in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to the prints we initially brought in, we also have swatches of her full collection to swoon over and can place special orders. In the shop right now, we have fat quarters (20″ x 27″), half-meter, one meter and two meter cuts. These cuts are perfect for pillows, tote bags, dop kits, zippered pouches or box cushions. What will you make?

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