Sundays with Sally


We have a regular Sunday date with the talented Sally Hess at Modern Domestic. She is here nearly every week teaching something. Last week it was the Good Night and Get Lucky: Camisole and Panties class, this week it is the T-Shirt class. Nearly every week, she is here at MD sharing her love of sewing, great depth of knowledge, and fun and funny self with all of us who happen to be lucky enough to know or sew with her.


Her classes fill up, and it is no wonder why. People come away with some pretty awesome garments. She has got the knit thing down, and can teach you how to work with them successfully on a sewing machine or serger. You will learn everything from cutting techniques to sellecting the correct stretch stitch. She can teach you how to install a zipper in the hooded sweatshirt class starting Tuesday (not Sunday, but Tuesday, THIS TUESDAY), and get you using lace or making your own knit skirts that will be the envy of friends all summer long.


Have a look at Sally’s blog, come take a class, or just pop in and meet her sometime. We are so lucky to have her here and appreciate all she brings to the store.


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