Summer Wardrobe Primer

I don’t know about you, but I needed to spruce up my summer wardrobe! I hate those days when you stare into your closet and feel like everything is old and tired. Summer is the perfect season to whip out some seriously cute and seriously easy pieces to make your closet a little more appealing.

We recently got in some new rayon and rayon / linen blends. Exactly what is rayon, you may ask? Let’s ask Wikipedia: Rayon is a manufactured regenerated cellulose fiber. Because it is produced from naturally occurring polymers, it is neither a truly synthetic fiber nor a natural fiber; it is a semi-synthetic or artificial fiber. Rayon is known by the names viscose rayon and modal in the textile industry.

I can add that it has incredible drape to it and wears very comfortably against the skin. I also like that 100% rayon is lovely to sew with because it is more challenging to work with than say a quilting cotton or linen but certainly not like working with a difficult fabric like silk or synthetic lining fabric.

We got in some lovely 100% rayon from Anna Maria Horner as well as a new favorite – a luscious blend of rayon and linen from Robert Kaufman called Brussels Washer Yarn Dyed in four different color ways. We also carry the Wiksten Tank Pattern. The perfect marriage!

Brussels Washer Yarn Dyed

I love the Wiksten Tank pattern! It is the perfect 2-3 hour project that jazzes up your wardrobe and since the pattern allows for a tank or dress version you can make a bunch of them. I made the tank version, one in the Anna Maria Horner and one in the gray toned Brussels Washer with contrasting binding. Tonight I am going to begin my dress version out of a printed voile. Wardrobe improvement in a few hours!

Anna Maria Horner Rayon


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