Stuffed Companions Come to Modern Domestic

A new box of friends

Today began with this box arriving. How could it get any better really? All these sweet faces have been staring up at me all day and really making me quite happy. The richness of the wool felt, the charm of their little eyes, and the cutest packaging ever make all these new friends overwhelmingly cute!

Finger puppet party

We have Kata Golda’s Stuffed Companions for purchase through November. From little peeking finger puppets to 12″ felt friends: mice, black cats, lambs, bears and kits all ready for those who would like to make their own. Kata is teaching a class next month, November 23rd at 5:30pm where you can learn all about her special touches right from her!

Beautiful felt lovelies from Kata Golda

There are tooth-fairy pillows and holiday ornament kits, all ready for you to sew or give, depending on your crafty skills and desires! Come and meet them for yourself, you will have a new friend for sure.

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