Stock up on Presser Feet!

Time for another installment from the Presser Foot Queen of MD! This month’s special isn’t on any one particular foot–it’s for all of them! That’s right, it’s time for “Buy One, Get One 50% off,” going through the 24th.

You may have been able to guess how much I love presser feet. Much to the amusement of my co-workers, I am proud to say I have over 40 specialty feet for my lovely old-style-feet-wearing 1008 and have now completely outfitted it with every possibly accessory. NOW, on to my sexy 580E.

Whether your machine takes “C” feet, “D” feet, old or new style–right now is the time to stock up on these little gems that make sewing so much easier! Edgestitch with finesse! Install invisible zippers with ease! Find freedom in sewing buttons on by machine! Create the tidiest piping ever!

Or indulge in the Binder Attachment, Ruffler or Walking Foot.

Stop by to choose your must-haves and be sure to ask for an accessories/feet card! This handy business card size guide can help you keep track of what feet you have and what feet you still need!

And don’t forget the Sidewalk Sale, tomorrow, Saturday 22nd. Loads of NE Alberta St businesses will be participating, including MD! I’ve been gathering great goodies that will make their way to the sale bin, including books, patterns, batting, zippers and more!

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  1. Michael Card

    Before the tornado of puberty cut a wide swath through my innocent state of being leaving in its wake the awkward and crazy making “girl fever” I spent countless hours plotting and scheming ways to bolster my collection of miniature train sets. Thankfully, now that “girl fever” has released its death grip, I must confess I feel a low grade Bernina presser foot fever coming on. Not only are they cool to hold and look at they also do some really awesome things.

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