Stitching, Decoratively.

There’s a lot of conversations around here about the use of decorative stitches.  Purpose and whatnot. And really the consensus is, use them anytime! They are great for enhancing and embellishing–as an extra touch on a skirt or dress or even on home dec or craft projects. A great place to look at decorative stitches is on the BERNINA Aurora 450.

It’s extra wide stitch width (9mm!) expands the possibilities of stitching decoratively. Some even combine form and function–like the Arrowhead Tack! Use this at the ends of pocket or pleats for extra reinforcement or just to be lovely.

Stitch out a special message hidden in a garment; facings and waistbands are great places. Or simply stitch out your name, extra-wide, just for the fun of it. There are convenient features, like Mirror Image, that open up even more possibilities for your decorative stitches. Plus, the Securing Stitch and Pattern End allow for perfect beginning and finishing.

Maybe one you’ve never noticed before is the Hand Look Quilt Stitch, #44 on the Aurora 440QE. I’m excited to use this one on my currently in-progress Mod Sampler Quilt by our own Elizabeth Hartman. To try it out I thought I would test the newest sole for the Walking Foot–it’s got a center guide, perfect for straight line, hand look quilting.

I love the idea of hand quilting but know there’s not enough time in my world to execute something like that.  Call me a cheater, but I like the results this stitch provides and it’s quick (by comparison!) and painless.

Monofilament is your upper thread with the colored thread in the bobbin. Increase your tension to about 8 and this will pull the bobbin thread to the right side. The monofilament provides the “break” in the stitches. Garment sewists can try this hand-stitched technique as a pretty touch on hems or waistbands.

3-Series owners, don’t feel left out! You’ve got plenty of fun and functional decorative stitches to play with. Examine your stitch card a little closer…you’ll notice you have the Hand Look Quilt Stitch too! And we’ve got monofilament thread, clear and smoke, in stock for your next project. Now go forth and stitch, decoratively!

5 Responses to “Stitching, Decoratively.”

  1. Devon

    I love all these sewing machine tips and tricks you share, they are my favorite posts here to read. I don’t sew on a Bernina (bought my Viking before you were around or else) but I can almost always take something away and apply in my own sewing. Gonna go look at my stitch selections now, only ever used 2 or 3.

  2. lupine

    So glad you enjoy them! Also, it is great to know they translate to other machine brands; while we do love BERNINA, we hope that people can use what they have for successful stitching!

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  4. Jean

    Playing with this stitch today. I want to use this to quilt my pieced top and wonder what bobbin weight thread you are using for quilting?

  5. meredith

    I used a 50 wt thread, Mettler’s 100% cotton thread.

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