Standard Sewing

There are quilts (almost two) and lovely curtains, and just the other day, a couple of new pillowcases. I am really making progress on the girlification of my daughters bedroom!

Two cases, contrast trim.

For the pillowcases, I used a great tutorial over at Film in the Fridge. I needed some size/dimension help, as I was working without a pillow insert for measurement. I really like the way that she does the top hem piece separately to get a clean finish but I think I should have done a small trim piece with a little more contrast, don’t you? I do love the gray dot, but it is hardly noticeable against the main gray print. Anyhow, they do add a bit of grounding to the pink-purple-girl room that is much needed.

On the bed.

These pillowcases are the kind of little instant gratification that offer some breathing room between bigger projects, like quilts and drapes. I love this kind of sewing. It is quick, rewarding, and a great way to show off favorite fabric. If you haven’t yet tried your hands at bed pillowcases but want to freshen up a space for spring, I say go for it, they are sure to satisfy!


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