There are countless brands and types of stabilizers, used primarily for machine embroidery. Here at MD, we’ve started using OESD. This company provides a wide variety of types. Types, you ask?  What different types are there?

Well, there are 3 main categories. Wash-Away, Cut-Away, & Tear-Away. You hoop the stabilizer behind your fabric which helps prevent puckering or bunching on something so thread-heavy like embroidery. The name indicates how you will remove it when your done. What my fabric is, intended project, or actual design will dictate which stabilizer I choose. Consider whether the fabric (or project) can be washed. Or if the design is small or stitches are close together. You have to remove the stabilizer so picking tiny pieces out of small places can be tedious. Take it from me–I learned the hard way. I used Tear-Away for most projects in the beginning. It’s still a great option for a lot of designs like this moustache because of the satin stitching. OESD has created a fusible Tear-Away that really helps the layers stay together when hooping.

But I’m definitely turning to Wash-Away more and more. I love these typewriter keys but should have used the Wash-Away.

I still have so much to pick out!

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  1. Erika Sews

    Great post! I absolutely love the wash-away that also has the sticky-stuff on one side. What’s that stuff called again? Great for using the “un-hooped” method of embroidering when you just hoop the stabilizer, peel off that paper backing to reveal the super stickiness, then align your project and stitch. And, after all that, the extra washes away!

    Those are great quirky designs, are they from Urban Threads?

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