Spring Class Pick-Me-Up

Who doesn’t want a new spring wardrobe? I certainly don’t feel sad stashing tall boots and heavy coats and opting for brighter colors. This season, there are loads of great classes that can get you started on sprucing up your spring wardrobe.

Taffy Blouse in Mustard Silk

Take a look at Elizabeth’s new class designed to take the fear out of fussy fabric. While you make the lovely Taffy Blouse from Colette’s Sewing Handbook, you will be encouraged to grab the finest silk or slippery crepe and discover that it is actually doable! This is a wonderful class for those of you who longingly gaze at elegant fabrics but pass them by out of fear of sewing challenging textiles like charmeuse, organza or chiffon. Garments made of these fine fabrics can run you hundreds of dollars, even for the simplest of designs. Just think how proud you will be wearing your own creation at upcoming summer weddings.

Jeans! For reals.

Erica’s Jeans class is back! The first class was not only quick to fill, but also resulted in 6 pairs of flattering, amazing, custom fit jeans! Lauren’s were red (so on trend) and we linked to a couple amazing back pockets over on our Facebook page, like Kiki’s accordions and Amber’s flashy geometric numbers. Tell me a woman who doesn’t long for jeans that fit just right?

Fabulous Tote!

Another new class that many of you have asked for is the Kid and Parent Sew Together Tote! What a great Mother’s or Father’s Day experience! You and your child (8 and up) can come in and learn together while making this great tote. Happy Spring!

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