Sign Up for the New Year of Sewing Society!

We’re excited to continue with our 3rd year of Sewing Society.  Sign up now to get in on the fun!

MD Sewing Society is a club that meets on the first Saturday of each month at 10:00AM. We design and plan inspiring projects that build sewing skills, are fun and useful, and stylish as well! There are always kits available with everything you need plus discounts, show and tell, introductions for machine embroidery and more. You can see last year’s recap here–projects included lunch bags, paper pieced table runners, zippered wallets, scarves, pillows, beach bags, and more!  We’re thrilled to open up full membership for another year for $150. The year is October 2014 to September 2015, excluding January and July.

As always, there are perks for joining us the full year of 10 sessions. This year is packed with presents! Here is what you will get with your full year membership:

Keep track of all your sewing tips, tricks, patterns, and more with this cute vintage pattern journal.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 11.31.32 AM

One of our favorite marking tools–the Frixion pen. Works on paper and fabric alike. Use the rubber end to erase on paper and your iron to erase on fabric, magically!


How about a cute project? This Little Wallet is great for keeping your (free!) $50 Punch Card in your sewing bag, anytime you need to stop in and  work. The kit provided includes all supplies including the thread and snap!



Stay organized with our favorite tool box! Customize yours for taking back and forth to Society and other social sewing.


You can always sign up for the sessions individually too! October’s project is a set of 4 roll hemmed napkins with an embellished napkin ring. We’ll stitch a classic fall design in the hoop, preparing all 4 rings at once! Then see how easy buttonholes are to execute for creating closures and what quick work a serger can be for finishing hems. Each session is always $15 and you can sign up here!


Thanks to all our customers for making our first 2 years amazing. Beginners and Advanced sewists alike are always welcome at Society!

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