Shirts for you, pants for them.

This week at Modern Domestic, there are a few spaces available in a couple of popular classes. Sally Hess has added not one but two sessions of her ever popular T-shrit class and one of those sessions starts Tuesday.

This class will get you making some awesome shirts on a sewing machine, you can also use our sergers if you like, but learning to use a sewing machine effectively to work with knits is pretty awesome.

We also have some spaces left in the Kids Pants class. This is a cool class because you can kind of choose your own pants adventure. The pattern includes lots of details, double topstitched front and back pockets, buttonholes on the back pockets, elastic tie waist band, contrasting top waistband, and other cute-for-kids options.

If you are a newer sewist, I will encourage you to try one or two of these skill building pant add-ons, for those who have the desire to really get the very most out of themselves and these pants, we can do the whole collection of details. At MD, we have some great pressing tools and presser feet that will make these pants turn out amazingly well. You also have access to the studio for your class project between class sessions so you can keep working through your details even if you still have a question or two.

It is so fun teaching with all the tools and space at Modern Domestic. It really feels like students can learn some great stuff, and use top quality equipment, with out spending huge loads of money to do so.

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  1. shelby brakken

    oooh!! these are so cute! i am inspired. i have been off the sew horse for many years, but these make me want to saddle up and ride.

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