Shelly’s Wonderful Last Minute Gift List

by Shelly Figueroa!


1. Kuroha Thread Clipper

I have a 1980 Bernina 1130–it’s rocks but the thread cutter on the side is shot and I just don’t have the time to take it to the “fix it” shop so this little clipper is exactly what I need.

2. Buttonhole Cutter with Wood Apple

I have a decent button hole cutter but the little plastic square that it came with is shot and not half as cute as the wooden apple that comes with this one. Nothing better than having an item in your sewing room that is handy and super cute.

3. PerfectSew Wash Away Fabric stabilizer

I work with a lot of knit fabrics and some of them streeeetch so much when sewing that I usually dissolve stabilizer in a little bowl of water and paint the stabilizer onto the fabric raw edges but this is ready to go so I can skip the dissolving part!

4. Double Tracing Wheel

When sewing with patterns that don’t have seam allowances, this tool quickly adds in the allowance when used in conjunction with tracing paper. The dual heads swivel out to trace and swivel in to store, PLUS they adjust to different widths for various seam allowances. I hope Santa reads this because this is a great stocking stuffer!!

5. Bernina 440QE

My dream machine–The Bernina 440! As my friends would say in the 90’s, about our hair, “Go big or Go home”!

6. A class with Autumn Lapour

This is really hard because I love all of the classes offered!  You can never stop learning.  I’d be happy with any class Autumnteaches because she’s just so darn cute and because she’s a wonderful teacher too!

7. Screen Printing with Susanna Scott!

I’ve always wanted to learn and she totally rocks

8. “Kitchen Window Quilt” with Elizabeth Hartman

I’ve never attempted to make a quilt and this is exactly the one I’d like to begin with and what’s better than being taught with Portland’s quilt queen!

9. “Vintage Vixens” with Amy Alan

Because I’ve always dreamt of being a vixen and Amy is one vixen that could teach me a thing or two or ten.

10. “Make Your Own Jeans” with Sally Hess

Finally, I would like to request Sally bring back the “Make your own Jeans” class!!!  Please.

Shelly Figueroa is the cofounder and design force behind Patterns by Figgy’s, an Oregon/Michigan based sewing pattern company.  She’s busily crafting up a storm when not teaching MD’s kids sewing classes.  Look for her new book out next year from Wiley.

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