Sewing Machine Extension Tables and Why they are Awesome!

Wouldn’t it be great to have one of those super functional sewing machine tables with a recessed area for your machine to sit down in? Unfortunately, the ones available today are quite expensive, and rather well, un-stylish. At Modern Domestic, we have something that does the same job on any sewing surface, is much more portable for those of us without a dedicated sewing space, and just a fraction of the price.

Upgrade any sewing machine this holiday with a Sew-steady extension table

Behold the Sew-Steady Plexiglass extension table. These sweeties come in three sizes and are custom cut (and ordered) to fit most machines, new or old. There is a smaller 12×18 size, our favorite 18×24, and for the quilters, a daring 24×24 inches.

You can finally keep all your work up on your work surface, which with any project bigger say than kids clothing or a pillowcase, truly makes straighter seams, less cursing, and sewing more fun! You can try one out anytime you are here for a class or open sewing. And they only take a week or two to arrive, so they can be here in plenty of time for the holidays!

Remember, if you mention this, you can receive 25% off one of these puppies during out sale where they will be 20% off without a mention (both discounts do not apply).

8 Responses to “Sewing Machine Extension Tables and Why they are Awesome!”

  1. pennie

    i would like to get one of these tables for the bernina sport 801. where are they available in uk please?

  2. lupine

    Gosh, Pennie. I sure wish I knew. I do know they are custom cut to fit specific models. Perhaps checking with your local quilting or fabric store and see if they are able to order you one. I can tell you these are from a company called Dream World. Good luck!

  3. sandy andersen

    can you give me a price on the plexiglass extension table for a Bernina 1020? Thank you

  4. lupine

    They are custom cut to fit specific machine models so if you were interested in ordering one please give us a call. The 18″ x 24″ tables are around $110, 24″ x 24″ around $125. I highly recommend as large as your space will allow. You never regret additional work space!

  5. Kathy

    I am looking for one to fit my babylock serger imagine and my babylock melody sewing machine how much for these

  6. lupine

    You are welcome to give us a call for a price quote for your machine and serger. Thanks!

  7. susan peart

    i have a husqvarna viking 850 and would like to know the price for a plexiglass extension table

  8. lupine

    Hi Susan,

    We can work on finding the price for you, as it is not a regular stock item. But please give us a call tomorrow (phone # is at top of page) or email at for your price quote.

    Thanks, Lupine

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