Sewing Japanese


For any of you who have ever picked up a beautiful Japanese pattern book, admired the simple elegance of the photos and clothing patterns, and flipped back to the instruction book in the back and sighed, as you realized that your Japanese reading skills were rusty (or nonexistent) we have an solution for you!

Next week we will start our fist Sewing Japanese class, featuring children’s clothing. Daniela will give you more than enough information to demystify the instructions, figure out sizing, and even construction techniques to make some of the lovely clothing in these books.

This is a two session class that is intended for the intermediate sewist. You should have completed a project or two, feel fairly confident on a machine and be ready to demystify patterns. That being said, the projects are fairly simple and easy to sew, so don’t be intimidated by that part, you will understand them better when Daniela takes you through the paces.

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  1. Shelster

    Daniella is amazing!! So happy your offering this class.

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