Sewing for Boys Book Giveaway!

The wait is over! Our lovely and talented sewing instructor Shelly Figueroa’s first book, Sewing for Boys, is here! (And if you haven’t yet, read my interview with her over on the Bolt Neighborhood blog.)

Shelly and Karen LePage, like many of you, have special boys in her life. While yours might be sons, grandsons, or nephews, they all can benefit from this delightful take on growing boys’ wardrobe. These full sized patterns start at 0-6 months and go up to 6/7!

Some of my favorites include the Brick Bag Carry All (hello, who doesn’t love LEGOS!)

Lego men, all in a row

and the Luka Hoodie. Perfect for fall Portland weather!

Shelly will be teaching Treasure Pocket Pants here at MD this fall. I had the honor of pattern testing this adorable pattern and found it hard to narrow down fabric choices for these. Any of the great contemporary prints today would work as the side insert and pocket detail. Choose something classic or fun!

Want to win a copy of Sewing For Boys? Leave a comment here about the special boy or boys in your life and we’ll draw a winner at the book signing MD is proud to host this coming Friday September 16th in conjunction with our Friday Night Sew-cial, (though the drawing is open to all US residents). The fun starts at 6:00 pm; don’t miss your chance to stop by, say hello, get ANOTHER chance to win a copy, and stay to stitch with a growing community of sewists in the Portland area!

And if you can’t get enough (I know I can’t!), catch the blog tour!

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19 Responses to “Sewing for Boys Book Giveaway!”

  1. autumn

    i’m actually totally looking forward to friday night! shelly is fun to work with, and even though i don’t have a boy, i’m all over that treasure pocket pants class!!

    is it bad to leave the first comment????? 🙂

  2. yancey

    Love the idea of treasure pocket pants! My little guy can never have to many pockets! Looking forward to peeking at this book and getting some fresh inspiration…

  3. jd

    My sister is having a baby boy soon– a wonderful surprise at 43-years-old! Can’t wait to sew for the little guy.

  4. Jen

    Baby boy on the way. Excited to check out this book!

  5. Kerianne

    My nephew (who is also my Godson!) would look SO adorable in many of these delightful designs. I’m always sewing up something for his sister but am often stumped at creating clothing for him, so am super-excited to check out this book! 🙂

  6. MJ

    My son is about to be 2 and somehow already knows the difference between what I sew for him and store-bought clothes. He always picks the mama-made stuff first out of his closet! 🙂

  7. lisa berkson platt

    uncle willy used to wear green overalls.
    and when he dressed up there was a blue button-down shirt
    and a bow tie, that somehow looked like a fish.
    and what will you want?
    my little cozy grand-boy graeme….

  8. Kristina

    My son, now 7, is still wearing the heck out of his beach hoodie and shorts! This book looks like so much fun… I would love to try out more Patterns by Figgy! 🙂

  9. Gwendolen Gross

    My son will wear things I sew and knit for him–even as a preteen. Therefore I will always sew and knit for him! A wonder!

  10. hilary e

    My husband and 20-month old are just about the most special boys I have ever met. So blessed to raise a family with a loving partner and to watch a beautiful baby grow into an inquisitive, joyful boy.
    I just saw this book on another website and am extremely happy to see a sewing book dedicated to boys – they get the short end of the well crafted clothes stick for sure!

  11. Jen S

    I’m looking forward to the book signing! My baby boy just turned 7 today. I can’t wait to make him a few of the things in the book!

  12. MaryLou C

    What a great gift! I would love to have this book to help inspire some fun sewing for my grandson, Jack. I find loads of cute patterns for his twin sister Edith, but for Jacj, not so much…

  13. Jenna

    This book looks terrific- my boys would love it if I had something to sew for them (that they love) besides crayon pouches and pajama pants! Can’t wait to see a copy of this book!

  14. Wendy P

    I am spoiling the only grandchild, my 2 1/2 yr old grandson, with everything I can make for him! This would be a great asset!!!

    Help me continue to spoil him before he thinks he’s too old to wear handmade!

  15. Corrinna

    Both my older and younger cousins both have boys and I JUST found out my best friend is preggers and I’m hoping the little lima bean is a boy so I can sew everything in this book for him! So excited to see Shelly on Friday, get a book signed and catch up on all the hot Antonio gossip!

  16. Kristen S

    With so many projects geared toward little girls, this book looks awesome! I’d love to have a copy of this book. How exciting!

  17. Bree

    My two boys jace and Charlie I can’t wait to get a peek at this book!

  18. Jennifer

    How fantastic would this be?! Forgive me, but I would be tempted to adapt some of these patterns for my daughter, too! My son deserves a wardrobe boost, though, so I think I’d start with the Treasure Pocket Pants for him…

  19. Taylor

    So excited to check out this book. My little dude Wyatt is getting bigger and bigger and I can’t wait to see some patterns for active 18 month olds!

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