Sew Social

If you happen to have picked up Vogue Patterns‘ new February/March issue, you may have seen something familiar–us!  There’s a very nice feature on sewing studios across the country, including a shout-out and pic of our humble studio.  A way to connect to others and our neighborhoods while learning something as tried-and-true as sewing, these lounges may differ as far as offerings but are striving for a common goal–empowering people to do it themselves.  There are studios literally all over the country–Stitch Cleveland in Ohio, Make Workshop in NYC, Stitch Lab in Austin TX, and Spool of Thread in Vancouver BC.  Awesome fabric stores and sewing studios are popping up all the time, a quick search on Google might lead you to one in your area you didn’t even know existed.

And since we had such a great time with our all day Open Sew Pass in December we thought, why not have it year ’round?  For $20 a day, you’re welcome to come sew, serge, press, drink tea, try out a new tool, and use different presser feet while rocking out to some great music.  Come by and say Hi!

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