Sergery–Common Stitches

Sergers are very misunderstood machines. They seem so intimidating–all that thread, all those needles and loopers! They can be easy and fun to use, versatile, and can take your work from looking home sewn to professional. Sure, threading them may be *slightly* more complex than your standard sewing machine but they are by far easier than they used to be, believe me. Even without an air-threading system, these BERNINA sergers are delightful to use. Think back to the first time you sat down in front of a sewing machine and how it took a little while before you threaded that without concentration. It’s all about time and practice for sure. So look for several upcoming posts about sergers and my attempts to demystify this wondrous tool.


Most sergers have a variety of stitches its capable of producing. I use 3 regularly and keep the others in my back pocket, to use when need arises.

1. The 4-thread overlock–what I call the “construction stitch”. I use it when seaming because both needles are used and it is extra secure.

2. The 3-thread Overlock-Narrow–It’s not as bulky as the 4-thread and I use it when finishing raw edges. Plus, it using one less cone. Savings!

3. The 3-thread Roll Hem–A beautiful clean finished edge on light to medium weight fabrics. Remember to remove the stitch finger or bring the lever stitch selection towards to you.

A great reference that I recommend to my Serger Basic students is The Complete Serger Handbook. She has detailed photos of multiple machine brands, thorough descriptions of applications and a handy troubleshooting section. We always have copies in stock!

The 1150MDA, featured above, is the last of our current classroom sergers and is being sold at a great price. Is it time to step up to a serger?

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