September Service Month – Get $25 MD Cash!

September is here! Show your sewing machine some love. Bring your machine in for service in the month of September and receive $25 in MD Cash to use on your next visit!

How do you know if it’s time for service?

It could be high time for your machine to be cleaned, oiled and adjusted by our technicians. We recommend annual service to ensure the longevity of your machine. Especially when you’re sewing on it regularly.

Bring your machine in if you have the following issues:

  • Clunking/loud sounds
  • Inconsistent stitches or poor stitch quality
  • Specific issues with reverse or decorative stitches
  • Tension problems (including bobbin)

Not having any specific issues? Good!

Getting your well-running machine serviced regularly is the only way to ensure it’s integrity. Keep your machine running smoothly with an annual service.

Please include the following accessories with your machine when you bring it in for service: foot control, power cord, bobbin, bobbin case, zig-zag presser foot and any decorative stitch cams (common with older machines).

$25 MD store credit will be issued at the time of machine pick-up. Valid on all purchases in-store. Cannot be applied to machine service.

September Service Month | Modern Domestic

How to care for your machine at home:

  • Change your needle every eight hours of sewing – This translates to approximately every other project. We try to follow the Schmetz Needle Guide when it comes to using the right needles for your fabric. Remember, changing the needle is the most cost affective way to ensure the integrity of your machine.
  • Oil your machine regularly – When you change a needle put a drop of oil as directed in the instructions in your machine service manual.
  • Use the highest quality thread when sewing. We sew with Mettler thread and recommend it for the best sewing results. Low quality, or old thread is often brittle and can cause damage to your machine.


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