Scooters, Cocktails and Sewing Machines

It’s been a month since Lupine and I got back from our enlightening trip to Thailand and now that we are settled back into our routine, I thought it was time to share some pictures with all of you. As many of you know, we won this trip by being voted BERNINA’s Rookie of the Year at BU last summer. What an honor and yes please, we would love to be one of the 17 dealers to represent the US on their first tour of the Thai BERNINA factory. The BERNINA portion of the trip was only one week long and since they treated, we decided to front load the trip with a week of fun on the island of Samui. After all, when you fly across the Pacific, you simply must make it worth the longest flight ever. Here’s a few snapshots of our two weeks spent sipping cocktails, risking our lives driving scooters around a tropical island and seeing first-hand the assembly of the world’s greatest sewing machines.

Bernina USA’s fearless leader – Paul Ashworth

3 Responses to “Scooters, Cocktails and Sewing Machines”

  1. autumn

    mini bananas and snakes???? that’s a crazy trip! glad you ladies had so much fun!

  2. Michael Card

    Great pictures. The food looks freaking amazing. It all makes sense as to why it appeared your feet didn’t touch the ground three weeks ago during my last visit to the store. The two of you were probably still buzzing from the super mega dose of Vitamin D you received from all that delicious sunshine. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  3. Elissa

    I am so jealous of the elephant love & tiny bananas, but less so of the snake. Looks like you got amazing pictures & had an incredible time.

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