Scissor Sharpening Comes to MD

Next Tuesday July 13th we will have scissor sharpening available at Modern Domestic. You can drop off scissors (or other things that need a sharpen) between now and then.


If you love your shears as much as we do, come by and get them all ready for summertime snipping. High quality scissors can last a lifetime if properly maintained, and even without cutting anything but fabric, they do need the occasional sharpening. Come by MD, drop them off (bring you knives, garden tools, and embroidery snips too) and get your back scissors in like new condition.

We are having our scissor sharpener come to MD once a month and will keep you posted on his appearances. Also, this will be a great way to keep our toolbox scissors sharp for you when you check them out for Open Sew. When you are in, have a look at what is in the toolbox, and for a complete list of what you can use for drop-in sewing, take a peek over here.

4 Responses to “Scissor Sharpening Comes to MD”

  1. sarah

    will they be doing pinking shears?

  2. lupine

    Sorry, no.

  3. Denine V Heinemann

    Hi! Will you be having another scissors sharpening soon?

  4. lupine

    We hope to! We are actually planning on providing that service more frequently. Continue to check back with us and hopefully we’ll post on the blog and on Facebook as soon as we know.

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