Sally’s Wish List

By Sally Hess!


1. Bernina 440QE

As far as material THINGS go, I am pretty well covered. I have a family of wonderful women who also sew and who totally appreciate good tools. There really is nothing finer than sewing on a great machine (I have the Bernina 440QE and love it more than anything!)

2. Gingher Fabric Shears

I can’t do without cutting with a good pair of scissors (everyone should get to cut with Ginghers!).

3. Sew Steady Extension Table

I would get an extension table for my machine. I had a Sew-Steady table with an older Bernina and it was amazing! Because it is clear, you can store things underneath the table and still see them! I usually stored small scissors, a seam ripper, a ruler or two, and maybe the instructions for my project.

4. Oliso Iron

Next I would get that gorgeous Oliso iron. So smooth, just the right weight, a generous amount of steam. It’s the perfect iron.

5. Clover Bamboo Notions

If Santa needed something small to put in my stocking, the bamboo handled tools are beautiful.

6. Susanna Scott’s Screen Printing Classes

What I want most of all though, are gift certificates to take some classes! There is really nothing better at stirring up the creative juices than getting to see other creative people in action! I have wanted to take Susanna’s Silkscreening classes since MD opened. I am always in awe of the beautiful yardage and other projects that come out of those classes!

7. Amy Alan’s Flat Patterning Classes

I would take one of Amy Alan’s Flat Pattern Classes in a heartbeat. She is so knowledgeable that if it weren’t for her charm, she’d intimidate me a little. She is trained in the technical aspects of sewing and she can break down the tricky math-centric parts of pattern making. She knows everything there is to know about making patterns from scratch.

8. Elizabeth Hartman’s Quilting Classes

Next I would take one of Elizabeth Hartman’s quilting classes. I am lucky to count Elizabeth as a friend; she is sweet and funny and I am sure she is a great teacher! My first ever quilting class was when I was seven years old and in the years since, I have had many talented quilting teachers. Every teacher has new tricks to teach and I never tire of learning the things people do to make their quilts more beautiful.

9. Anna Joyce’s Applique Classes

And just for fun, I would take an applique class with Anna Joyce. Her cute and modern take on applique is awesome. I want just about every one of her little designs in my house!

Sally Hess–I’ve been sewing since I was four; growing up in a family of women who sew, own fabric stores, and teach sewing for a living. Sewing and teaching are joy-filled hobbies for me! I love the practicality of making clothes that fit just right, whether for me, my tall and slim six year old or for my cloth diapered, big bottomed two year!  Check out my work at

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