The Portland community of talented quiltmakers is top notch. This month we are thrilled to display a number of local quilts that were submitted to Quilt Con and didn’t make the cut, but they are no less creative and inspiring!

The quilts above include: #lovewins | Gail LisetteTeresa Coates

Love Wins.

And so does quilting!

love wins quilt at Modern Domestic #quiltconreject

 “The #lovewins quilt is a celebration of love, equality and optimism.”

This colorful collaboration was organized by Kristin Link of Sew Mama Sew. Each block was created by 36 different quilters to celebrate the legalization of gay marriage on June 26, 2015. Take a look at the hashtag: #lovewinsquilt on Instagram to see each block and all the quilters involved in the making of this important quilt.

#lovewins quilt contributors (by row):

  1. Julie McMahon, Susanne Woods, Megan Cavagnaro Dye, Mary Abreu, Gabrien Chaney, Rossie Hutchinson
  2. Paloma Link, Mo Bedell, Shea Henderson, MaryAnn Morsette, Heather Jones, Susan Manson
  3. Amy Gunson, Elizabeth Dackson, Kristy Daum, Cheryl Arkinson, Laura Harden, Susan Beal
  4. Alissa Haight Carlton, Amy Friend, Angela Milliman, Lauren Hawley, Michelle Freedman, Cherie Grzych
  5. Heather Givans, Dan Rouse, Becca Jubie, Juline Bajada, Juline Bajada (2), John Adams
  6. Denyse Schmidt, Kristi McDonough, Susan Fuller, Carla Crim, Monica Solorio Snow, Nicole Daksiweicz

Quilted by Charlene Trieloff.


Quilt by Sam Hunter | Quilted by Nancy Stovall | Photo by Bill Volckening


Gail Lisette Sam Hunter | Collin “Ruff” Fellows

Mary Fons wrote on her blog last year about her QuiltCon rejection during her stay in Austin during the show. Her insight was so great we had to share the last bit of her post:

Enjoy the quilts here, quilters. If you’re not actually in Austin, enjoy the tsunami of social media reports all over the quilter web. And if you aren’t in the show — like 1,900 of your comrades — let yourself feel lucky. You can sit back and enjoy while all the quilters who did get in bite all their fingernails off hoping they’ll get a ribbon or prize money.

And remember why you make quilts anyway. I don’t have to tell you why. You know.

Take a look at the hashtag: #quiltconrejects to see hundreds of quilts that were not on display at QuiltCon. They represent a huge community of quilters bursting with talent and passion.

We have even more quilts on display this month! Check out the 2015 Patchwork Society quilts we have on display this month in our Classroom Gallery!

5 Responses to “#quiltconreject”

  1. Mary Fons

    Hey, MD! Thanks for the shout-out; I was rejected again this year. I’m going for the triple crown!

    Best of luck to all; now that the ‘Con is every year, we’ve all got more opportunities to be in the official show. I also recommend a guerilla show just outside the convention center. 🙂

  2. Charlene

    I wanted to let you know that I quilted the Love Wins quilt but my name isn’t posted in your blog. I quilted each block different to match the style of the block.

    Quilting by Charlene Trieloff @thecottonfarmfabrics.

  3. Kristi McDonough

    I just wanted to mention that the quilting on the Love Wins Quilt was generously donated by Charlene Trieloff.

  4. Rebekah

    Perfect! Thanks so much, Charlene! Great quilting, we’re so glad to have this quilt in the shop!

  5. Rebekah

    Thanks Kristi! I’ve added her into the blog. What a fun collaboration!

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