BERNINA Presser Foot Guide

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Your new sewing machine works with a variety of presser feet and accessories. These presser feet are intended to be changed depending on the type of sewing you do.

Please contact us if you would like pricing or information on purchasing these accessories and presser feet as they are not sold online. 

BERNINA presser feet vary in width depending on the stitch width capacity of your machine. There are two sizes (5.5mm and 9mm) and two types of 9mm. 

  • 5.5mm machines with an Oscillating Bobbin System (feet with just a number).

  • 9mm machines with a 9 Hook Bobbin System (feet number with a C or D). Feet also can vary in function if it also has Dual Feed capability (indicated with a D on foot). The Dual Feed aids in feeding all layers through the foot at the same rate. The “D” feet have a slot in the back made to accept the Dual Feed mechanism.