Printing with Zanna

There are a few things in the store that I really love to come in and see happening. The Friday night quilt ladies creating their gorgeous quilts and absolutely cracking me up is #1 on my list, and #2 is watching anyone and everyone print with Zanna. If I come to the shop the morning after one of Zanna’s silkscreen printing nights, whether that be for a class or open studio printing, the upstairs banister is always covered with unique and beautiful prints. It’s so fun to see what students design and the colors and fabrics they choose to use. Some choose to print yardage, while others print on bags, tiny cute onesies, and tea towels.

Regardless, it’s always fascinating to me to watch students mix ink, flood their screens, and print! Lifting up the screen to see a crisp and perfect print looking back up at you is exciting for everyone involved.

If you’re interested in creating your own fabric, Zanna has a silkscreen yardage class coming up on March 16th. She also has an Introduction to Silkscreen class on February 13th, and an Open Printing night on Thursday, February 17th at 6:00 PM for those of you who have printed with her before. The Introduction to Silkscreen class would be a perfect Valentine’s activity for you and your sweetheart to do together!

See samples of Zanna’s work at her website, Gate Studios.

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