Pretty Pendleton Pillows

Today is Pendleton pillow making day! I have been hoarding my wool since our trip up to Sew Expo last winter and have wanted to make pillows with it all the while. Sewing wool pillows in summer, however,  is not my favorite kind of sewing nor decor update for that matter. Now that fall is upon us, pretty Pendleton pillows are a priority.

pillow fronts and backs

The challenge with this large scale Pendleton wool is making both the pink and red tones to show. If I had made these big, I would have had to make them HUGE to get the red and pink around the edge, which would have been beyond what would work on my couch. So instead, I made them small and wrapped the fabric around the pillow so it shows on the back!


I felt like the smartest woman on earth when I figured this out, and by inserting an invisible zip, it is hardly noticeable beyond a seam. It also adds some flair and variety as I turn them around and toss them from couch to couch. You can see above, it is almost like 4 different pillows!

One of our lovely customers came in and made some wool pillows out of scraps. Check out her use of the small cuts from the scrap bin. Also, big props for using such nice neutrals and pops of lovely bright thread! Way to go Angela, you have inspired my next set of pillows!

Angela's super lovely pillow tops

5 Responses to “Pretty Pendleton Pillows”

  1. danielle

    Those look great! I have a bag of Pendleton scraps that I’m someday turning into a blanket… I’m assuming you used a blanket stitch?

  2. lupine

    Danielle, When Angela made these, she used different stitches with horizontal width to attach separate strips together. She used a standard zigzag on these, but eventually used some other cool stitches not pictured. The blanket stitch wouldn’t work, as all the width goes to only the left or right, not both.

  3. MaryLou

    Love! These are great – such strong patterns and yet cozy and modern at the same time.

  4. Sharon

    Do you offer a class for making these pillows?

  5. lupine

    Hi Sharon! We do not currently offer a Pendleton Pillow class specifically, but you could take any pillow class and use this fabric. It is slightly more difficult to work with due to the repeats, so you may want to check with the teacher first to see if it would work based on the size of the pillow. If you would like, we are happy to work with you in a private lesson on this very project. Please give us a call or sign up for a two hour lesson online.

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