Presser Feet: buy one, get one half off!

Clear Applique foot makes seeing your work a dream

This week we are kicking off a presser foot event. Beginning Thursday the 10th and going through Sunday the 20th, you can buy one presser foot and get the second one half off! That is a great way to grab that second foot you have been thinking about at a wonderful price.

Sew buttons on beautifully by machine.

Modern Domestic is a presser foot loving kind of place. We all have a handful ourselves, everything from the button sew on foot #18, to the jeans foot #8 and many more. Presser feet are the sort of tool that makes a difficult task much easier, any kind of great tool can do that and presser feet are one of those tools.

So many wonderful feet!

BERNINA feet are particularly well made with a sturdy shank and easy to change lever on the left. It makes switching from an invisible zipper foot #35 to a regular zipper foot #4 quick and easy.
Presser feet can make your sewing more precise with minimal effort. Here are some links to great foot tutorials from our friends around the blogosphere.

#5 blind hem foot from Sally Hess over at bolt neighborhood

# flat felled seam foot from the fine ladies at Colette

# 18 button sew on foot from our Meredith

Of course, BERNINA provides loads of great tutorial videos over at their site. If you are looking for the full list of feet offered, and how to use them, this resource is invaluable. Just click through the feet, and each one has a snazzy video that goes from beginning to end on how to make the foot work best.

Print and bring this coupon to Modern Domestic to receive your second presser foot for half off!

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  1. karen

    Can I purchase online?

  2. lupine

    Nope, but you’re welcome to call the store and we’ll hook you up!

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