Pre-Owned Machines and Trade-Ins

I began sewing in 1987 on my mom’s peachy-brown Singer that she bought for herself brand new in 1967. I think she paid about $70 at the time, which was no easy task being so young and newly wed. That machine taught me basic skills: straight stitch, zig-zag & seam allowances. After college I purchased myself an old Viking 6460. I loved that colorful old machine but eventually I grew out of it.

I replaced it with a Viking 990. It was so advanced at the time, it had sewing cartridges for decorative stitches! That machine got passed on to a teenaged sewist at MD who just pulled my heart strings. When I finally moved into my BERNINA 430 in 2008, I felt like I had arrived! I must say, I did love all of my sewing machines but as I gained more skills I really wanted my machine to reflect my level of expertise. Now I have my sights on the BERNINA 820. Sigh.

We are big believers of trading-in and trading-up machines as life progresses. Modern Domestic will always accept trade-ins. No matter what your machine’s brand or age is, we can offer you some level of discount on your new machine. If you would prefer to sell the machine on your own, MD also offers a free service on your old machine (with the purchase of a new one), which is a great selling point to pass onto the next owner.

Another benefit of accepting trade-ins is that it allows MD to sell quality used sewing machines of all makes and models. All of our used machines have been serviced and come with the same one-year warranty that new machines come with.

Our used machine stock is ever-changing. Currently we have a 10 year old, top of the line Bernina favorite — the Arista 200 with integral embroidery for $2200 as well as a Janome 3160 with extra large table and automatic thread cutter for $599. Both machines are an excellent value with loads of easy to use features. Check out our Pre-owned Machines page on our website to view the additional features these machines boast.

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