Modern Domestic is always pleased to accept trade-in machines to put towards the purchase of a new BERNINA. Very rarely do we see BERNINA machines traded in as most people can’t seem to part with their dear old friends and would rather pass them down to their children or new sewist friends. At the moment, we have three pre-owned BERNINA’s! This has never happened. We get calls all the time to see if we have pre-owned BERNINA’s and usually the answer is no.

Bernina 820

The BERNINA 820 is a top of the line beauty with features that will make you drool. If you thought you could never afford an 8 series BERNINA, guess again, this 12 inch armed honey is priced to make someone’s day.

UPDATE: This 820 is no longer available. For more information on 8 series BERNINA’s please contact us.

Artista 200Bernina Artista 200

The BERNINA Artista 200 was the creme de la creme of sewing and embroidery a decade ago. The extra large screen and sewing capabilities of this machine are still something to admire.

Bernina Serger 2000DCE

This is your chance to get that serger you have been craving to have in your sewing room. The BERNINA 2000DCE does every stitch that the MD classroom sergers can do. This one won’t last long!
Bernette 20 Bernina Bernette 20

The BERNINA Bernette 20 is an amazing machine with 60 different stitch patterns. This is a perfect machine for those who are new to sewing and want a reliable and versatile machine.

UPDATE: This Bernette 20 is no longer available. For more information on Bernette’s please contact us.


We now offer Machine Owner Classes with the purchase of all pre-owned machines along with a 1 year MD labor warranty. All of MD’s pre-owned machines have been serviced and are in ship shape condition to go home with you. Please call for pricing and further details.


4 Responses to “Pre-Owned BERNINAS”

  1. Michelle Wyman

    Hi Michelle,
    I was just up in Portland visiting family and wanted so much to come to see your store but had family obligations. I just noticed your sale on the web and am interested in the 820 as well as the serger. I currently have the 550 QE and love it. However my passion for quilt making is turning into a small cottage business. For quilt throws and larger I am having to out source the quilting to some long arm quilters. For the wall hanging/crib sized quilts I am quilting them on the 550 which is manageable but not ideal. I am thinking of expanding my little army of machines (220 Featherweight and Bernina 550) to be able to accommodate my expanding business. Any advice? Michelle Wyman (PS I live in Santa Barbara where there are no Bernina dealers but could make arrangements for shipping.)

  2. lupine

    Hi Michelle,
    It was great to talk with you on the phone this morning! I think the BERNINA 820 is a perfect match for you. The throat space and bigger bobbin will change your life! I look forward to hearing from you and to the possibility of future Skype meetings! Best, Michelle (also!)

  3. Mary Jo

    Hello! May I ask if you still have the serger available and what is the price? Also, with per owned machines do you offer your free classes on how to use the machine?

  4. lupine

    Hi Mary Jo, we do offer the guide classes for new and pre-owned BERNINAs as well as a 1 year labor warranty. Let me know if I can help with anything else!

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