Pin It, Sew It: Courthouse Steps Mini Quilt

Pinterest has become the new go-to for inspiration. You can geek out for hours finding sparks of imagination for pretty much any decorating idea, menu, paint color or sewing project! We pin things constantly, carefully categorizing them onto different boards, but how often do we go back and actually make the projects that we pinned in the first place?

Photo and project source:

I decided to do just that. The first project I chose was from Purl Soho. We all know I love their blog. It’s Purl, need I say more? I had been coveting these mini quilts since I first pinned them. Being a dedicated fan of log cabin quilting, I was drawn to the construction of these pieces. This pattern is called Courthouse Steps. There are SO many different log cabin patterns, all with whimsical names like Pineapple in the Cabin. A great resource to get started on your own masterpiece is Susan Beal’s Modern Log Cabin Quilting. Her blog is a joy to read, and Susan is pretty much one of the most lovely people I know.

Usually, I like to change things up a bit. Recipes, patterns, you name it, I will change it to my liking. It has been a running joke around MD that I am notorious for not following patterns. If I mess something up, Lupine will always ask, “did you read the pattern?” With this project, I was so in love with the colors and scale of these blocks that I almost made it exactly the same. I love the wonky and irregular shapes of each of them and I had a blank wall in my dining room that needed some new art and this collection of simple quilts made a quaint and attainable piece to fill the void. Thanks Purl.

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