Pick up the Bernina Walking Foot this Weekend!

This weekend (November 30th-December 3rd), Modern Domestic is offering the walking foot on sale for only $149. ONE-FOURTY-NINE you say? This foot is truly priceless. It is able to assist in so many sewing situations: quilting (or anytime you encounter more than 2 layers of fabric), sticky fabrics (leather, oil cloth, vinyl), plaids and strips, long seams like ones you would use in home dec sewing, and for all types of knits! If you thought the walking foot was only used for quilting, think again!

Walking foot with center guide

Some of the machines come standard with this foot, but for those of you who haven’t brought one home yet, this is truly one of the most valuable sewing accessories around. It comes with three different soles: closed toe, open toe and my personal favorite, the edge-stitch sole. You know how we always talk up the #10 foot? Well it’s the #10 foot attached to a walking foot! Can you hear me geeking out? I bet you would like to see one of these tucked into your stocking? I’m sure Santa would totally approve.


5 Responses to “Pick up the Bernina Walking Foot this Weekend!”

  1. Diana

    Great deal! This is a must have item! I use my walking foot for both garment construction and quilting.

  2. Kelly

    You wouldn’t happen to have one of these with m name on it for this price would you? I just found your web site. I need a walking foot for my artista 180

  3. lupine

    Kelly, This discount was over a year ago. There are occasional discounts on this, so you may want to sign up for our newsletter or the BERNINA promotions newsletter. Currently they are not on sale.

  4. Linda Ludwick

    I need a ruffler for my Bernina Aurora 450. Thanks!

  5. Rebekah

    Hi Linda,
    We’d be happy to get you a ruffler foot. Please give us a call at the shop and we can process your order over the phone. 503-808-9910. Thanks so much!

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