New Year’s Sewing Resolutions

image from Chipper Things, available on etsy

As we move into 2012, it’s only natural to look ahead at goals we’d like to achieve in the new year. Now I know I won’t be joining a gym anytime soon, though I’m going to try to keep up the yoga. A resolution I’ve had for years is to “Have more fun!” And it’s more fun for me to create sewing resolutions. I could never resolve to not buy fabric for a year (I love fabric buying too much), but I’d love to finish the projects I’ve already got all the materials for before buying new. A lovely customer of ours just dropped off her machine for service with the resolution that after her machine is fresh and cleaned that she will piece one quilt top a month, new ones as well as utilizing blocks she’s already started. Not only am I impressed, but look forward to seeing her work. You guys are such a fun bunch!

Why not…

  • Learn a new technique like free motion quilting.
  • Expand to patternmaking and draping.
  • Explore machine embroidery.
  • Organize your sewing space to maximize its potential.
  • Teach a friend to sew so you can do it together!
  • Join a guild or sewing group and be more sew-cial.
  • Step away from the skirts! Make something out of your comfort zone like pants, jeans, or a coat. (Keep an eye out for pants classes…)
  • Discover a new pattern company.
  • Finally learn how to thread that serger!
  • Try hand embroidery, cross stitch, smocking, or crewel work.
  • Get over your fear of working with knits.
  • Resolve to break those bad sewing habits like sewing over pins.
  • Be diligent about cleaning your machine and changing the needle after 8 hours of sewing.
  • Sew for the oft-ignored man in your life, be it a spouse, boyfriend, or best friend. Conquer the buttonhole!
Whatever your sewing resolutions may be, enjoy the process of creating and share it with us!  We love seeing sewist’s work on Facebook, in store, or after a class. And be kind to yourself. If you get stuck or need help, we’re always here for encouragement and help!
image from KeepCalmShop, available on etsy

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