New Tulip Co. of Japan Hand Sewing Needles and Pins

An absolutely amazing new line of over 20 hand sewing needles and pins are now in stock from Tulip Co. of Japan.  Tulip Co. has been making hand sewing needles in Hiroshima, Japan for over 65 years.
Their needles go through over 30 processes producing a needle that is durable and flexible ensuring they remain straight and sharp.  The needles are even polished lengthwise to ensure the smoothest passage through fabric.
Everything is packaged beautifully in a cork topped tube in colorful paper boxes.  Needles and pins in stock now from Tulip Co. include: applique needles, embroidery needles, leather needles, milliners needles, quilt basting needles, quilting needles, sashiko needles, sewing needles, tapestry needles, flat tulip head pins, flat leaf head needles, and glass headed patchwork pins.
Stop in and check out what may be the nicest pins and needles you have ever seen!

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