New to the Shop: Pattern Making Supplies

Once you’ve made the leap into designing and patterning for yourself, there are some essential tools for the pattern making process. I’m delighted to introduce the pattern notcher to the quality sewing supplies we offer our discerning sewists. This compact tool provides a clean cut into the edge of your patterns and ultimately allows for accurate, efficient marks and sewing guides.

The notcher joins our other pattern making supplies:

Stiletto Tracing Wheel (transferring pattern marks to or from garment)

Tapered Awl (for piercing small holes)

Design Rulers–including the Arm Curve (or French Curve), Hip Curve, Vary Form Curve, the C-Thru Clear Ruler, & the Flexible Curve

School is back in session! Amy Alan is offering new sessions of Flat Pattern 101 or Flat Pattern 102, geared for those sewists eager to develop pattern drafting skills. And play with fun tools. ‘Cause that pattern notcher is fun…I’m just saying.

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